Queen's Gambit Chess, the mobile game adaptation of the titular Netflix series, due out in the coming weeks

Queen's Gambit Chess, the mobile game adaptation of the titular Netflix series, due out in the coming weeks

The very popular Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit is set to finally receive its mobile video game adaptation later this year when Queen’s Gambit Chess launches on July 25th. When it comes to this one, you’re getting exactly what it sounds like; a way to play a mobile chess simulator but set within the Queen’s Gambit world itself, as well as the ability to play as the protagonist Beth Harmon herself!

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In case you aren’t familiar, The Queen’s Gambit is one of the more successful of the variety of Netflix original series that have been released onto the streaming platform in recent memory. This series tells the tale of Beth Harmon during the Cold War-era as she struggles with addiction issues, all whilst shooting to become the best chess player in the world.

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When it launched back in late 2020, the series saw critical acclaim pretty much universally for its excellent writing, unique premise, and lovely cast of characters within the show. Now, Queen’s Gambit Chess will open up the door for fans of the show and newcomers alike to experience bits and pieces of it, all while playing tough chess matches themselves.

Gameplay-wise, I don’t think I need to go too in-depth here. It’s a chess game at its core! You’ll be able to play as the main character, Beth Harmon, herself, but other than that, you can expect a pretty traditional chess experience.

The game is quite friendly to newcomers and will include a hefty suite of learning tools for you to practice your chess knowledge, or learn right from scratch! It has not excluded the hardcore crowd, however, as there will be late-game challenging AI that will test even the most diehard chess players.

So, whether a fan of the series or a chess lover yourself, you can experience Queen’s Gambit Chess when it launches on July 25th through the Netflix Games platform!

Connor Derrick
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