The Pathless makes its way back to iOS via a standalone App Store release

Another return from the Apple Arcade vault

The Pathless makes its way back to iOS via a standalone App Store release
| The Pathless
  • The Pathless has made its way back to mobile with an iOS standalone release
  • You can now play this action-adventure game on mobile once more
  • Focusing on archery and exploration of a massive world, we were big fans of it when it first released

Action-adventure game The Pathless, a former Apple Arcade and console exclusive, has made its way back to mobile and iOS as a standalone release after being removed from the service. You can now enjoy the massive open world and sharp archery combat of the game without needing an Apple Arcade subscription or a console.

Coming from the creators of Abzû, The Pathless is a similarly minimalist game that's still not lacking in content. You play as a nameless hunter working to remove the curse on the island which you explore, wielding mystical powers and your bow & arrow to do so.

We were big fans of The Pathless (and even gave you three reasons to try it), so we're glad to see the title make its way back to iOS as a standalone release. 

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Unfortunate Appleations

Now in all honesty we could once more lament the fact that some games end up truncated after a release on Apple Arcade and left to languish once they drop from the service, with us reliant on a subsequent standalone release. But this may not necessarily be the case with The Pathless, in fact, we could not have gotten a mobile release at all without Apple Arcade.

Remember, The Pathless was going to be a console exclusive before also being picked up by Apple Arcade. And if the positive reception of that release was enough to encourage them to bring it to mobile as a standalone release, then we think it all works out in the end.

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