The Pathless: A few tips for this quick-paced island adventure

The Pathless: A few tips for this quick-paced island adventure

Journey to a mysterious and beautiful world

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The Pathless, one of the more highly anticipated indie titles has arrived on Apple Arcade making it one of the many console-quality games available on the mobile gaming service. Created by some of the same developers that brought the ABZU and Journey to the world, The Pathless follows a hunter who goes on an epic adventure to try and dispel an evil that is affecting the earth.

In the beginning, you start off solo, but eventually, you meet an eagle who will play a highly critical role throughout your time playing the game. He can aid you in combat as well as help you get around the game's map which is vast.

Speaking of the map, it's large, beautiful, and open for you to explore and uncover its secrets. And you'll see numerous, unique enemies as detour these lands. Here are a few basic tips for you to keep in mind early on in your adventure through many environments.

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Shoot The Floating Orbs/Devices

This may seem pretty obvious but with no real tutorials of any kind, it can seem kind of confusing at first. One of the tips you will see in the game is the ability to pick up speed when you run. However, you can sprint forever, as there is a meter on the bottom of the screen that determines how much energy you have.

Having the speed can be crucial to your experience in The Pathless. In order to fill the meter up, you need to destroy these floating devices (?) with your bow and arrow. Each time you shoot them down, you gain a bit of boost used for sprinting.

These floating items are scattered all over the map. Go ahead and blow them up and save your sprint for when you feel it's necessary. Or, you can use the sprint like crazy and fly around, having yourself a grand ol' time on this mysterious, yet beautiful island.

Make Good Use of The Mask

Early on in The Pathless, you'll discover a peculiar item that is in a tomb on a skeleton. This is the Mask, and it is one of the most powerful tools you can use in the game. It's not a damage dealer by any means, but it has other key uses, including opening up hidden paths.

You'll notice many walls and other things that are blocking off paths. Putting on the mask will clear walls and let you go through, almost like a portal. It's always really interesting to see where the Mask takes you throughout your journey.

There are different pieces of architecture that can be dispelled, and sometimes, using the Mask can help you reach those points. Just keep in mind that when you're wearing it, your speed slows down tremendously so make sure that once you're through a wall, make sure to take it off to regain your full speed.

Take Flight With Your Winged Friend

As we mentioned a little bit already, you meet an eagle who plays an essential role in your adventure. You can hold on to the bird as they take you to great heights. You'll have some great vantage points and is helpful for those hard to reach locations.

It's also just fun to soar through the friendly (or perhaps not so friendly?) skies. The open-world you're in is beautiful and looks great on an iPhone or iPad. But aside from charm, flying with the eagle is a great way to dish out some epic combat moves.

The bow & arrow attacks in The Pathless are some of the most satisfying you'll see in a game. You can get creative with shooting by running, jumping, and of course, flying while unleashing your arrows. It makes firing arrows that much more fun.

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