DistinctDev targets emerging platforms as The Moron Test tops 7 million

Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and iPad in line

DistinctDev targets emerging platforms as The Moron Test tops 7 million
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Finding a base on iPhone or Android before experimenting with less established platforms might seem like a standard model for many, but according to DistinctDev, there's a lot more to it than that.

Launching on new formats requires a large portion of extra work, for starters.

Tailoring the release in question to fit its new home is an often overlooked element, but one crucial to the game's success in the long run.

Platform power

As such, with The Moron Test having clocked up total downloads of 7 million across iPhone, Android and Symbian, the firm believes now is the right time to bring the game to pastures new – Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and iPad next in line.

"We recognise that while iOS and Android are currently the most established app platforms, there are millions of users who have other devices, and we wanted to make sure that they all had a chance to play The Moron Test," said president and CEO Berkeley Malagon.

"It is important for us to truly take advantage of each platform’s strengths, while maintaining the level of fun that made the game so popular to begin with. For instance, when porting the game to Blackberry’s non-touchscreen models, we redesigned the UI and controls so that the experience still feels natural and fun."

A distinct year

It's a move CTO Steve Malagon hinted at back in October, revealing that The Moron Test's debut on Android was just the first step in a larger cross platform push.

The Moron Test is also set to launch on Intel's App-Up and the Mac App Store within the same window.

"This year is going to be a very ambitious one for us. The Moron Test has had success across all platforms we’ve brought it to so far, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next," added CEO Malagon.

"We are looking into expanding on even more platforms, including Steam. I'm eager to welcome a whole new group of fans to the party."

DistinctDev claims The Moron Test will launch on all five platforms in early 2011.

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