Are you cleverer than Pocket God's pygmies? Find out in The Moron Test update

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Are you cleverer than Pocket God's pygmies? Find out in The Moron Test update
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Ooga, Booga, Nooby, Dooby, Klik and Klak etc are the most promiscuous fellas on the App Store.

Pocket God's much tortured pygmies have turned up in games such as Doodle Jump and Harbor Master amongst many others. But their travelling days aren't over as they've now turned up in the latest update to The Moron Test. Smarter than the average

Like Pocket God, it's a very successful game with over three million iOS sales, and many more downloads of its free Lite versions on platforms ranging from iPhone to Android and Ovi Store.

The pygmies, dodo birds, and dinosaurs appear, replacing the mice, ducks, and buttons from the Old School section of The Moron Test, in Ooga School, which as well as characters also includes Pocket God's music and sound effects

"We hope that fans of The Moron Test and Pocket God will enjoy this crossover," said Berkeley Malagon, CEO of The Moron Test's creator DistinctDev.

"We've always been open to collaborating with top developers and we're looking forward to working with more developers in the future."

The Moron Test is available as an universal app for iPad and iPhone priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p. Or you can try the Lite version here [iTunes link].
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