The Moron Test's Turtle turns film star in new animated short

DistinctDev takes icon in new direction

The Moron Test's Turtle turns film star in new animated short
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The modern day developer no longer simply crows about stellar sales or downloads – nowadays, they're especially keen to stress that their titles play host characters that have also 'permeated pop-culture'.

It's no surprise, either.

If you can foster a genuine icon from your game – a figurehead players can identify and attach to your output – then you're a long way towards building a brand consumers will arguably be more likely to invest in in the future.

Love's labour's won

DistinctDev's The Moron Test, which has already notched up downloads of more than 11 million on iOS, Android and the Ovi Store, also has a star of its own.

At least, that's what the studio is hoping, following the news that The Moron Test's Turtle has starred in a Valentine's day themed animated short.

"Our characters are among the most recognisable and quirky in mobile games, and players have always enjoyed the big personalities and story-like elements in The Moron Test," said president and CEO Berkeley Malagon.

"We see this as the perfect opportunity to bring our characters to life for our longtime fans while also introducing their general appeal to a broader audience.

"This is a first step in exploring new media formats for The Moron Test - for instance, we can imagine families tuning in to watch an episode of The Moron Test on a Saturday morning."

The short itself, which depicts Turtle and his quest for love, can currently be viewed on YouTube.

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