The Longing is a unique game that takes players on an actual idle adventure

The Longing is a unique game that takes players on an actual idle adventure

Application Systems Heidelberg has just announced their newest project, The Longing, which is a rather quirky mix between an adventure and an idle game. Expect a slow burn to unfold as players take control of a Shade, who has been appointed to watch over a sleeping king. The problem is that the king must slumber for 400 days before waking up, and this happens in real time.

The Longing is inspired by a German legend that describes a king under a mountain, who is waiting for the right time to awaken. The entire tale has been poetized by Friedrich Ruckert. The game itself references this with some of the graphics featuring real Kyffhauser caves and a 6.5-metre-tall Barbarossa sculpture.

Players will embark on a really slow experience which uses one core mechanic - time. There is only one task - to wait, and players have to ensure that they do it for 400 days straight. Of course, there are tonnes of things to do but players must figure all this out themselves. It’s not that time can’t be sped up. It is possible by doing things like collecting items from caves and putting them in the living room.

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As Shades, players can also try to escape from the cave towards the top; however, they must venture through an extremely dark and dangerous path. As the days progress, several obstacles will surface, each showcasing a unique use of time. From letting a spider craft an intricate web to correctly growing a mushroom so it becomes big, players will be doing a lot.

While it may not be for everyone, the game definitely promises a unique experience that is different from the fast-paced games we’ve been seeing. This title truly explores the meaning of solitude, as players will spend over a year just waiting for the king to awaken.

The Longing is a premium title priced at $4.99 or regional equivalent.

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Tanish Botadkar
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