Classic fantasy-adventure game The Longest Journey coming to iOS

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Classic fantasy-adventure game The Longest Journey coming to iOS
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Funcom's classic point-and-click adventure The Longest Journey is coming to iOS.

The game first hit the English-speaking world in the year 2000, at the genre's lowest point. It was referred to more than once as 'the last great adventure game', not just because nobody thought there would be any more adventure games but because it was, well, great.

And now VideoGamer has learned that it's currently in development for iOS, making it one of the very last prominent point-and-click adventure games to enjoy a miraculous rebirth on Apple's touchscreen platform. (It's never too late, Grim Fandango.)

The Longest Journey is a fantasy-adventure in which you have to guide female protagonist April through a fantasy universe comprising the parallel worlds of Arcadia and Stark. April is a shifter, meaning she can visit both worlds, and the racy adult plot involves going hither and thither and trying to prevent them from becoming catastrophically unbalanced.

Funcom released a sequel called Dreamfall in 2006, and it has plans to continue the series with episodic content. It's not clear what platforms this content will appear on, how much it'll cost, or when The Longest Journey will hit the App Store. Naturally, we'll try to find out.