New DS horror game sounds a bit like The Ring

Play it and you'll be dead in a week

New DS horror game sounds a bit like The Ring
| The Game With No Name

Hurrah again for people who can translate Japanese and use their skills to relay the latest gossip from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

Because (as reported over at Nintendic) they've translated information on a new DS horror game from Square Enix which sounds like it could put the console's current horror meisters, such as Dementium: The Ward, to shame.

The game's Japanese title is Geemu no Nanatsu, which translates as The Game With No Name. Now, we're hoping there's not been an error in translation here and it's not been given a name yet (perhaps the Japanese equivalent of Working Title) or we're going to look very stupid capitalising it and putting it into our database. If that's the case, we'll just blame the site originally reporting it.

Anyway, The Game With No Name's plot might sound familiar to anyone into Japanese horror (or indeed horror in general as the film got a US remake). Based around an urban legend, the story goes that anyone who plays the game will die a week later. Yes, a little bit like The Ring then, in which anyone who watches a dodgy videotape snuffs it.

The game will apparently freak players out by mimicking the DS menu screen to send them messages and unnerve them as they progress through the game.

Aside from these little snippets of information though, there's not much more to say about The Game With No Name. It's scheduled for release in Japan in July, so more information will probably turn up soon, including whether Square Enix is planning a western release.

We hope so, because we're thinking the DS could do with a few more games promising to kill anyone who plays them - it'll balance out all those horse and baby games.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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