The Game Trail app hunting service gets new features

Receive suggestions of new apps and follow upcoming games

The Game Trail app hunting service gets new features
| The Game Trail

It can be hard to find a good game on the iPhone. Sure there are hundreds of titles that are well worth your cash, but they can sometimes be buried in the App Store's 25,000 games.

One service that might help is The Game Trail, an app which picks out and recommends the very best games, with trailers and descriptions. The videos are the important factor, says Fabrication Games, as independent research suggests "shoppers are 3-5 times more likely to buy an app when shown video of the game."

The latest update to The Game Trail introduces "trailing", which suggests similar titles to the games you've purchased and enjoyed.

The update also includes an "upcoming" section, which includes previews or upcoming games and users can choose to receive a push notification once their most anticipated apps hit the store.

This update is now available.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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