Discovery app Game Trail grows by 400 percent

Claims 10 percent watch-to-buy conversion rate

Discovery app Game Trail grows by 400 percent
| The Game Trail

Similar to iTunes' Genius recommendation system, App Store discovery portal and iPhone app, The Game Trail has revealed its latest update includes a new 'trailing' feature.

The feature makes suggestions based on user preferences so customers are advised about other titles on the App Store that offer a similar style of play to those they've already expressed an interest in.

Spreading the wealth

The new trailing forms one part of a wider update designed to build hype around titles users might not have necessarily directly searched for.

"The Game Trail enables iPhone gamers to build a collection of great games suited to their individual tastes," claims Tommy Palm, CEO of Swedish developer Fabrication Games, which created The Game Trail.

The new update also includes an Upcoming section, providing users a first look at soon-to-be-released iPhone games.

"This highlights unreleased titles and provides a great way to build and measure buzz, as interested users can click a button to be notified upon release of the new game via a push notification," Palm says.

Upping the game

The update is part of a greater drive to increase the site's conversion rate.

The Game Trail estimates that around 10 percent of visitors go on to buy the app whose video they view, which is a far from shabby statistic given that the site only launched in February.

In that short time, the site also claims its userbase has grown by 400 percent – no doubt helped by the free app that launched on the App Store itself earlier this month.

Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew
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