The Everlasting Regret: Tips to help you relax and enjoy the game

The Everlasting Regret: Tips to help you relax and enjoy the game

Solve the puzzles, enjoy the tale

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The Everlasting Regret is a puzzle game that is also a narrative adventure. It's one of the more unique puzzle games ever made on mobile and one of the best out right now. In fact, at the time of this writing, it's listed as one of our top 25 best free games on mobile.

It takes place in ancient Japan and tells the story of a young woman and her time spent with an Emperor. As you progress through the narrative, you need to make certain selections to connect the dots in the story. You have three main choices: Bond, Erase, and Vivify. 

You'll need to use these to figure out what happens next in the tale. With Bond, for example, you'll be able to move your finger from one point to another to bring a scene to life. It's essentially like making a book page into little clips or a flipbook of sorts. But it's a fun, beautiful, and relaxing puzzle game that's free to play as we mentioned before. Here are a few ways to enjoy The Everlasting Regret. 

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Tip 1 - Experiment With Your Options

The Everlasting Regret tips

We talked a bit about the three options that you have when completing each scene in the story. There is a correct choice for each page, but you can experiment a little bit. You can hit the different buttons and apply them to whatever you see on the screen.

When playing around, you'll get some unique looks in each scene. On occasion, it may even be pretty funny. Don't worry, there's only one right choice, so you are free to mess around with the options you have without choosing something that you didn't ultimately want to.

So, you can try to go for the correct choice right away, or you can freely have some fun. But, as you do so, take in the beautiful artwork that the game presents to you. It's a very unique puzzle game from an art standpoint so that adds to the fun too.

Tip 2 - Look at The References

One of the cool things about The Everlasting Regret is the real-world references it makes. After you complete different scenes in the game, you'll unlock references to view. There are quite a few of them which can see in the References book.

These are cool because they'll tell you what the items are, and how they were used in ancient Japanese culture. It's always great when you can enjoy the game and get some education out of it as well. Each description is fairly detailed but also short and sweet so it doesn't feel like you're reading reams of text.

This is just a really nice touch to a very solid puzzle game. Definitely try to enjoy it while you take in the cool story and art that the game presents. You can look at the references at any time during gameplay.

Tip 3 - Wear Headphones

A top-notch aspect of The Everlasting Regret is the music. Some beautiful Japanese-style music will be playing in the background as you progress. It can be really soothing to listen to, and that's always pretty unique for a video game.

That's an amazing part of mobile gaming as a whole. You can really get immersed by the music and general sounds of a game, wearing headphones which is something that we do regularly while on our phones anyway.

Puzzle games are especially good at implementing some good, cosy music and sounds. This game is no exception here whatsoever. So, you can put those shiny new earbuds to the test with the classic, Japanese sounds of The Everlasting Regret.

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