The Everlasting Regret: Three things to know about this storytelling puzzler

The Everlasting Regret: Three things to know about this storytelling puzzler

Reading, puzzle-solving and art in one

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The Everlasting Regret is a puzzle game that's unlike any other that you've probably played before. It actually combines two popular video game elements. One being puzzle solving, and the other being storytelling, and so, that's what this unique game brings.

The tale being told focuses on a young woman and emperor in China. It's essentially about their connection, and the woman's life, living in riches. It also talks about the struggles of such a way of life as well, and it shows it in a beautiful way with great artwork.

You utilize different on-screen prompts which allow you to progress the story if what you choose is correct. It's definitely similar to your everyday Android or iOS puzzle, but it's one that's distinctive and still requires critical thinking as you play. Here are a few more things to know about The Everlasting Regret.

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It's Very Soothing

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Sometimes, the best mobile games are the ones that are relaxing. The Everlasting Regret manages to deliver on that, making it a solid game to unwind with. The music in the game is amazing and can really clear your mind a bit as time goes.

There's no stress in the game, so you can take your time, and play around with the buttons until you get things right on a certain page of this virtual short story kind of game. Choosing different options will allow you to see some unique changes on a page, some even being kind of humorous.

We talked about the music, and this where the comfort really shines. The one thing about this game is, it's important to put some headphones on to get the most immersive experience. This goes for many of the great mobile games out there, and that includes The Everlasting Regret and its soft, beautiful tunes.

The Art Style Stands Out

Perhaps The Everlasting Regret's most charming aspect aside from the music is the art style. The game features beautiful colours that make the characters and environments stick out. However, what the game does a marvellous job at is not going over the top.

It has just enough artistic flair to make you feel like you're in an art gallery. It doesn't explode with colour and boldness which is something that can be appreciated. Of course, many of us love those games that have extra bold and colourful art.

With that said, in TER, it's the right amount of wonderful art without being overwhelming. It's something that you'll notice right away as you fire up the game. And as you play, it's as if you're moving the art pieces and changing their styles in a way.

You Can Learn a Bit

The Everlasting Regret takes place in ancient China and with that, there will be real-world items and events. In the game, there is a page called "References" and this is a fun little way to learn while you play. As you progress, you'll unveil new items that will be added to your reference book.

Once the items are unlocked, you can go to this page and read the history behind the item. It can be a piece of apparel, accessory, or anything else that is shown throughout the story. The descriptions are short and sweet but also detailed.

It's always pretty cool when you can play a fun game, and end up learning something new from it. It's also a testament to mobile gaming, as there are an incredible amount of games out there with some providing their own share of education. The Everlasting Regret is no exception and it teaches very well.

You can download The Everlasting Regret on both Google Play Store and App Store.

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