DS fanboys proved right: Oblivion coming to PSP

…except this Oblivion is a game, and one of the best ever too

DS fanboys proved right: Oblivion coming to PSP

Bethesda Softworks has announced that its Xbox 360 and PC smash hit Oblivion is coming to PSP. One of Pocket Gamer's favourite non-handheld games (Bethesda didn't announce that – we're freestyling), Oblivion is an absolutely vast role-playing game that's won a stack of awards, including The Best PC Game Of All Time by our friends over at PC Gamer magazine.

Currently being developed for PSP by UK studio Climax, the cutely titled The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion (the 'Travels' bit is new for this handheld edition) is due out in spring 2007.

Oblivion (the Xbox 360 version of which is pictured here) is known for massively varied gameplay, great graphics, and suitably sonorous voice acting from thespians such as Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, Terrance Stamp and Lynda Carter. There's also an award-winning soundtrack that regularly gives us the willies.

Most importantly, the Xbox 360 and PC versions are very accommodating as to how you explore the game – it's up to you whether you simply get on with the plot or instead follow your own nose to adventure and various side quests, and so build your own heroic career.

We hope to see all that translated to PSP. At this stage, however, we've not been told exactly what compromises will need to be made with Oblivion's graphics and gameplay to squeeze it into a PSP.

We're also concerned that loading times on the PSP could be truly painful – they can be rather frequent as it is on Xbox 360, which suffers much less than the PSP from slow disc access.

As ever though, we'll await the game with high hopes, and cross our fingers that Oblivion proves to be anything but that when we finally come to review it next year.

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