Elder Scrolls: Blades' 1.5 update gets rid of chest timers and adds the long-awaited PvP arena mode

Full progression overhaul has arrived

Elder Scrolls: Blades' 1.5 update gets rid of chest timers and adds the long-awaited PvP arena mode

If you can cast your mind all the way back to March of this year, you may just recall a tiny little indie called Elder Scrolls: Blades. With its impressive visuals and promise of grand adventure, folks were understandably excited for it. Then it finally launched, and the fan reaction wasn't exactly stellar.

Bethesda's latest attempted resuscitation of its middling dungeon crawler comes in the form of update 1.5. This aims to improve in-game progression, stripping away the highly controversial chest timers in the process.

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For those who've stuck with it this long, the biggest draw with 1.5 is the addition of the long-awaited PvP arena mode. Here, you'll be able to make use of your best equipment to defeat rival players in head-to-head duels.

Another neat new feature is the guild system, which lets you meet up with your pals and even explore their towns. It should hopefully help bring some variety to Blades' arguably monotonous dungeon crawling.

One of the biggest complaints regarding Blades has always been its iffy progression. Now, enemies will drop more and better loot, and you'll find a greater number of breakable containers which house helpful items and cash.

The complete removal of chest timers is also a huge positive. To sweeten the deal even further, Bethesda will be offering gem refunds to those who purchased any chest inventory expansions.

It certainly seems like the team behind this are working hard to fix some of the core issues that have plagued the game since launch while finding new ways to bring back those who bounced off due to the monetisation or progression woes.

It's also nice that these improvements have arrived before the game makes its grand debut on Switch next year. If you're yet to give it a go, you'll find Elder Scrolls: Blades available now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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