The Battle Cats hosts Spring themed event, offering up new hero cats and challenges

The Battle Cats hosts Spring themed event, offering up new hero cats and challenges

Developer PONOS announced that its popular and absurd casual tower defense game The Battle Cat is set to host its latest event to celebrate the season. The Easter Festival 2022 will introduce a few pieces of new content, as well as new challenges and characters!

The biggest addition from this event is certainly the four new characters, three of which also have a True Form evolution available for players to use. The first of the four is Blooming Kamukura, a springtime themed Dragon with intimidating features. Then, we have Easter Neneko, a cute character with an anime-inspired look and a bunny hood over her head. Next, Springtime Kenshin, a spring-themed fairy-like creature with a dress made of vines. And finally, Bunny & Canard, who is incredibly creepy, featuring a frightening duck costume and an equally spooky bunny costume duo.

Then, we’ve got a brand new limited-time map called Spring Sprang Sprung. Here you can win these special timed score stages for a chance to unlock the Eggy Cat, a unique character only available during the runtime of this particular event. On top of this, all rewards that have been handed out in previous Spring events are also back on the menu here as well.

And last, hardcore players can send their cats out to the Suffering Spring Gauntlet map, featuring bigger tasks and rewards in a multi-stage challenge that gets harder and harder with every victory. So if you're a longtime player looking for a new challenge, this should provide one. If all of this sounds like something you’re into, or if you’re a returning player ready to get those unique cat heroes, you can download Battle Cats for free on both the App Store and Google Play as well!

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