PSP's Test Drive Unlimited gets a new trailer

No, not an in-game caravan

PSP's Test Drive Unlimited gets a new trailer
| Test Drive Unlimited

Our resident driving expert is away – probably doing donuts in a deserted multi-storey carpark – but we know he's looking forward to Test Drive Unlimited. (Check out Joao's eulogy from when the game was announced.)

And with the release date almost visible in the distance, it's time for the obligatory promo video download. Cue the funky electronica...

All the features that got us excited seem to be in place. The graphics are crisp, and the sense of speed palpable, with no pop-up in evidence. There are also plenty of shiny-looking cars: 30 manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Saleen, Shelby, and Jaguar are included.

It's harder to tell how the game handles from a video, but the 'slipstream' and 'drift' cues are present and correct. The 'if it moves, challenge it to a race' gameplay is highlighted too, as is the four-way head-to-head wi-fi racing mode.

Check it out for yourself by hitting the 'Watch It!' button to get your hands on the 38MB QuickTime movie.

Test Drive Unlimited is due to hit the streets on the 23rd March.