TerraGenesis' latest update, Lava Worlds, introduces a new playable faction, governor and more

It will coincide with a limited-time event

TerraGenesis' latest update, Lava Worlds, introduces a new playable faction, governor and more

TerraGenesis, the popular terraforming simulator from Tilting Point, has received some big changes today with Lava Worlds update. This introduces a new governor character, playable faction and a limited time Lava Event to celebrate the arrival of the update.

We'll start with the Lava Event since it'll only be around for a limited amount of time. This global event will see players using the new Lava Worlds feature to complete a variety of tasks to lower the temperature of their planet. They will have 48 hours to complete all of the steps to save their planet from destruction.

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To aid players during this limited-time event will be a new governor called Keahi Malae. He is the youngest person to be elected to be Director of the Far-Future institute and is well-known for his work in stabilizing the temperature of Mercury's surface. That certainly makes him the ideal person to help out during the event.

The new features themselves that are introduced with the Lava Worlds update will allow players to change the topography of their planet with volcanic mountains and valleys. These will be created by melting and cooling magma-filled oceans, so it sounds like a pretty sizeable operation.

Finally, there will be a new playable faction called The Far-Future Institute, the first that's been playable in the game since launch. The FFI looks to reshape the future of humanity with cutting edge science and aim to protect people from any potential extinction-level events.

If you're unfamiliar with Terra Genesis, it's simulation game where you'll look to terraform planets. All of the data and science used within the game is rooted in information from NASA.

TerraGenesis is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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