Teppen introduces characters from Ace Attorney and Dead Rising in its latest update

Teppen introduces characters from Ace Attorney and Dead Rising in its latest update
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GungHo’s collectable card game will be bringing the characters from Ace Attorney and Dead Rising in its latest update. In addition to that, further changes will also introduce the card rotation system, by removing three-card sets from Standard mode.

As you play the role of Phoenix Wright, your main goal is to defend your friend Larry Bentz and prove him innocent after he is accused of destroying Mayor Cody’s statue. For that, you will need to use your investigative skills and collect evidence to prove Bentz’s innocence.

The new pack will include Classic Capcom characters like Dan, Abigail, and Blanka with each card having hidden clues in them that will lead to the end of the mystery. In this new update, the character will have two new skills, Evidence and Present.

Use your Action cards and the specific units to help you collect the evidence and the other skill will track the evidence and change the Action cards. Players who log in on a daily basis can claim 10 Pack Tickets.

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Additionally, in late May, a new Phoenix Wright EX Skin for Chun-Li will be available in the SP Pack. The new pack also includes all the new Legendary Cards such as the Red card ‘Miles Edgeworth,’ Green card ‘Brilliant Turnabout,’ Purple card ‘Psyche-Lock,’ and Black card ‘Gearhead Witness Abigail among others. 

As mentioned above, DAY OF NIGHTMARES, The Devils Awaken, The Force Seekers are those three cards that will not be available anymore in the Standard mode. And for a quick reminder, the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPION SERIES 2021 (WCS2021) sign-ups for May are open now.

The preliminary match is scheduled for May 2nd. And, each tournament will allow you to grind to the Champion Rank to be in with a chance of winning the grand prize of 500,000 yen, which is approximately $4.6k USD.

Check out this new content, by downloading Teppen from the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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