Teppen's Defying the Light event goes live and concludes the thrilling trilogy

Teppen's Defying the Light event goes live and concludes the thrilling trilogy
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Back in November, Teppen launched a mega-event that featured a three-part story. It revolved around Goddess Myria, who wanted to offer salvation to humanity, but her overarching plan was much more evil than that. The first part, Mission of Ruin, saw her recruit Mega Man X: Command Mission’s Epsilon, Monster Hunter Explore’s Juno, Resident Evil 4’s Saddler, and Sengoku Basara’s Xavi to carry out her masterplan. Mankind fought back with everything they had and the Land of Illusion was plagued by The War of the Goddess. We have now reached the climax of this trilogy as our heroes will have their final showdown with Goddess Myria. Iconic characters from Breath of Fire, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and more will also join the battle.

It took a while, but the Three Sages finally revealed Land of Illusion’s location, where the heroes of Teppen travelled, facing off against fearsome foes in the Storm of Death and Desert of Death. The Resistance Army hopes to turn the tide of war by confronting the Goddess. Their primary goal is to free all the souls trapped in the Land of Light, for which they will receive help from Mega Man X DiVE’s RiCO, who managed to glitch himself out of the digital system. The Army, RiCO, and Monster Hunter’s Felyne will join forces to liberate everyone from the Land of Light.

The climactic event also introduces a new Unleash skill that activates when a hero’s life falls below a set threshold, causing numerous effects to occur. Additionally, new cards have also been added. To ensure that the heroes are on the winning side, players can now use new cards like the Legendary Beast Alatreon (Green Card), Hsein-Ko (Purple Card), and Charlie (Red Card), who will all aid in fighting against Myria. Proto Angelo, a Black Card is also scouring the lands looking for wounded heroes to prey on, so beware!

On top of that, players who complete the Last Judgement Quest in Chronicles will also earn numerous rewards. Lastly, the A Dark Agenda card set moves out of Standard Mode and is replaced by the Defying the Light set.

Defeat Goddess Myria once and for all, by downloading Teppen for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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