Imangi's Temple Run soon to become a comic book series

Stop the presses, not the running

Imangi's Temple Run soon to become a comic book series
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Ape Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it has secured the licensing rights to bring Imangi Studios’s Pocket Gamer Bronze-Award winning game Temple Run to the world of comic books novels.

While an endless runner like Temple Run may seem like an unlikely premise to base a comic around, Ape Entertainment is no stranger to the world of converting successful mobile games to comic books.

In 2010, Ape Entertainment released digital comics based on Pocket God and followed that up with a comic based on Cut the Rope as well.

An unlimited run?

The focus of Ape Entertainment’s Temple Run comics will be on the game’s world and backstory.

Additionally, there are plans to explain the 'mystery' of the various temples that will surely appeal to Indiana Jones and Allan Quartermaine fans alike.

The comics will be available first for digital distribution through a separate iOS app (available for iPhones and iPads), and traditional print copies are planned for the future.

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