Temple Run celebrates 100 million downloads with giveaway of older titles

Running away with it

Temple Run celebrates 100 million downloads with giveaway of older titles
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It's the game that created a new genre (3D endless runner), caused many man hours to go missing, and created an illogical fear of being chased by monkeys: it's safe to say Temple Run has been 'quite successful'.

On the eve of the game's first anniversary on the App Store, Imangi has revealed that iconic mobile title has been downloaded a staggering 100 million times, and has been played for a ridiculous total of 54,000 hours.

According to an infographic posted on Touch Arcade, Temple Run has been played by a staggering 11 per cent of all Brits, 13 per cent of all Americans, and 20 per cent of Singaporeans.

Or, in other words, it's probably a great way to start a conversation with a stranger.

Keep on running

68 per cent of all downloads occured on iOS, with Android accounting for 30 per cent. Amazon rounds up the tally with remaining 2 per cent.

The only bad news is that its success probably means I'll never get a sequel to my favourite line-drawing title, Harbor Master.

If you've never played that one, though - you're in luck, because Imangi has made all its older titles temporarily free to download, including the rock-hard watery monster.

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