Tap Tap Revenge II coming in early 2009

And it'll still be free

Tap Tap Revenge II coming in early 2009
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It's been a busy week for iPhone developer Tapulous, what with the release of Tap Tap Dance and Christmas With Weezer, two premium spin-offs from its Tap Tap Revenge game (pictured).

However, that doesn't mean the company is putting its feet up for Christmas.

In a press mailout talking about the two new games, Tapulous boss Bart Decrem confirms that a sequel to the original game is on the way.

Specifically, he says the company is about to "get back to work on rolling all this hot new technology into Tap Tap Revenge II (still free, coming in early 2009)".

By technology, he means the OpenGL graphics effects, and the new multi-tap and tap-and-hold gameplay features. However, we'd also expect to see more licensed tracks in the new game, thanks to the relationships Tapulous is building with record labels.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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