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How to play Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium, the relaxing aquarium-building game currently collaborating with Pinkfong Baby Shark

The relaxing game of healing adds a little Baby Shark Dance fun to its waters

How to play Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium, the relaxing aquarium-building game currently collaborating with Pinkfong Baby Shark

Is there anything more rejuvenating than a game that lets the underwater sounds of nature wash all of your worries away? Abyssrium certainly fits the bill - as you immerse yourself in calming whale calls and relaxing water droplets, you’ll soon find that invigorating the senses is just a tap away.

With over 50 million downloads since it launched in 2016, Abyssrium has been sharing its calming and totally chill vibes across the globe in literal waves. Flero Games’ water wonderland of a game is meant to be a casual, healing experience that lets players grow their own aquariums and beautify them with vibrant decorations teeming with marine life.

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How to get started with Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium

How to play the game is as easy as leisurely tapping away at your own pace. Abyssrium begins peacefully at the bottom of the deep blue sea - tapping a lonely corallite wakes it up, now prepped and ready for lots of TLC. You’ll easily be able to collect currency and resources around your environment, as well as discover delightful underwater surprises like colourful skins and even new fish to expand your aquatic paradise.

What’s in store for old and new players and Pinkfong Baby Shark fans

Because Abyssrium is a game of healing, at the heart of it all is its relaxing background music that calms the senses and encourages players to take a well-deserved break from the chaos of everyday life. Relieving stress is as simple as taking a deep breath and diving into the tranquil depths of your virtual aquarium - and what better way to celebrate the lighthearted happiness that the deep blue sea brings than with everyone’s favorite Baby Shark?

In collaboration with SmartStudy, Abyssrium brings a whole new level of good vibes into the deep with Baby Shark Dance happily playing in the background. The catchy theme stayed at the top of the charts on the US Billboard HOT 100 for 20 consecutive weeks, and currently stands at 8 billion video views on YouTube as of this March.

Along with the tantalising tune, the latest update will feature an exclusive Pinkfong concert event, where players can discover Pinkfong character toys as well as a Pinkfong Baby Shark cube doll extension that will definitely liven up the place. Everyone’s favorite furry buddy Welsh Corgi, Abyssrium’s most popular doggo, will also join in on all the fun and festivities in an adorable Pinkfong Baby Shark costume that’s just cuteness overload all on its own!

Throughout the collaboration event, players can chill to the beat of Baby Shark Dance with both a regular version and a music box version. Plus, here’s a little secret: activating the hermit crab skill will speed up the tempo of the song and have you bopping your head to the music in no time.

Currently, Flero Games’ collab event is providing a special login bonus for the next 12 days along with a whopping 22 types of new concert-themed fish.

And, starting from March 12, you can also score lots of in-game goodies by simply participating in the various event posts in the game’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

You can find out more about the wonders of the deep by downloading Abyssrium, available on both iOS and Android today.