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New idle game Tap Empire will have you tapping to earn money for a pig

Bring home the bacon

New idle game Tap Empire will have you tapping to earn money for a pig

Idle game players – or simply fans of pigs and/or coins – should be readying their tapping fingers as Tap Empire launches worldwide on iOS and Android.

By now, every mobile gamer should know what to expect from an idle game: you tap, you automate, you earn exponentially-growing profits. But what few will be expecting is a coin-obsessed, bling-loving piggy, an evil business magnate with an army of mistreated robots and a topsy-turvy alternate dimension featuring – among other weirdness – flying submarines.

Tap Empire is the first game from MeeWow Games, a small studio led by a former Plants vs. Zombies producer. Publisher Flaregames may ring a bell for seasoned idle game fans – it previously published the idle RPGs Nonstop Knight and Nonstop Chuck Norris.
Fired by their boss and striking out alone, Tap Empire players will open their first businesses in humble surroundings before expanding across the world map, through shimmering metropolises and grimy industrial hubs, making money from everything from taco trucks to car washes.

Even better, players can continue to operate their businesses and rack up precious coins across these multiple areas – and indeed universes – at the same time, without having to sacrifice anything to progress.

Meanwhile fans of classic comedy will recognize Ewen Macintosh, AKA Keith from The Office, who’s starring alongside a real-world Piggy B in a series of videos documenting his surreal journey into glorious Tap Empire obsession. You can watch the first video below, with more to follow in the coming days on the game’s Instagram page.

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If all this sounds good to you, and you’re ready to bring home the bacon for Piggy B, then you can download the game for free on iOS or Android here.