Tales of Hearts R announced for western PS Vita release this winter

A tale soon told

Tales of Hearts R announced for western PS Vita release this winter

The eleventh entry in Bandai Namco's immensely popular Tales RPG franchise, Tales of Hearts, has been announced for a western release on the PS Vita.

Dubbed Tales of Hearts R, the Vita version is a remake of the 2008 Japan-only DS release of Tales of Hearts.

Although we don't have a set release date for it just yet, Gematsu reports it will be available as both a PSN download and retail exclusive at GameStop in the United States.

Details on European available are not available, although it is confirmed for an EU release.

Cross my heart

As a remake, Tales of Hearts R offers a number of enhancements over the original 2008 DS release.

In addition to added voice acting and new plot events within the main scenario, Tales of Hearts R also features two new fully playable party members and completely re-rendered 3D graphics.

We'll keep you updated with news on this release as we have it, until then you can check out the opening cinematic below.

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