A Lovecraftian puzzle game, Synthulhu, coming to App Store

AKA Match the pretty colours

A Lovecraftian puzzle game, Synthulhu, coming to App Store
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Grumpy old occult sci-fantasy horror writer H. P. Lovecraft has much to answer for when it comes to pulp fiction but it's a step too far to suggest the non sequitur 'Lovecraftian puzzle game' is his fault.

No, that little gem comes courtesy of developer Media Sunshine, which has announced Synthulhu.

Of course, we're being rather arch in our reaction to what is, no doubt, a perfectly enjoyable experience.

But a better comparison perhaps is Bejeweled as in this game you manipulate six different kinds of (basically different coloured), tissue cells - Rugose, Squamous, Ichorous, Cyclopean, Tenebrous, and Zymotic if you were asking.

Your goal is to fill the entire screen entirely with one type of cell. Creating obstacles will be exploding Igneous cells and screeching Necrotic cells.

Adding to the underlying gloom will be the game's backstory that follows mad genius Dr. Cecaelia Ward and her ill-advised experiments.

Completing each level will unlock her dark secrets, including revelations about Miskatonic University, Cthulhu-themed wallpapers, and Hybrid mode, which allows you to flip through the various stages of Dr. Ward's horrendous transformations.

And as is the way of the world, you can also follow Ward's out-of-mind musings on her twitter feed.

Synthulhu is due for release sometime this summer.