WiiWare 2D RTS hit Swords & Soldiers marches to iPad and iPhone this summer

Chillingo takes up publishing duties

WiiWare 2D RTS hit Swords & Soldiers marches to iPad and iPhone this summer
| Swords and Soldiers

One of the most highly regarded WiiWare games (since released for PS3 and PC), Swords & Soldiers is coming to iOS.

Actually, we've been expecting it for a while, as it was going to be published by Two Tribes, but it's now coming to the App Store with a bigger bang thanks to Chillingo's marketing muscle. Original developer Ronimo Games is also in on the action.

Cartoon charge

And what action it is.

An arcade-y 2D side scrolling real time strategy game, there are three playable nations, with their own zany objectives. The Vikings are on a quest to create the ultimate BBQ sauce, Aztecs are fighting in defence of the Holy Pepper, while the Chinese are just out to blow things up with their special explosive toys.

Each has its own single player campaign that has you building up an army of different units - berserkers, samurai, giant boulders, ninja monkeys - and special weapons such fire breathing dragons. There's also a customisable Skirmish mode, while the iPad version features multiplayer for additional playability.

Details such as price and release date are still to be announced, although it's expected to be available 'during the coming weeks'.

Here's the trailer.

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