Swords & Soldiers heading to the Nintendo 3DS in the spring


Swords & Soldiers heading to the Nintendo 3DS in the spring
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Side-scrolling RTS hit Swords & Soldiers is set to advance on the Nintendo 3DS sometime this spring.

Originally released as a WiiWare title by Romino Games, this light-hearted two-dimensional take on the strategy genre captured the imagination of many hard-nosed digital tacticians.

Essentially a 2D reimagining of the castle vs castle format, Swords & Soldiers offers up three warring factions - Vikings, Aztec, and Chinese - and then has them charge at one another across a battlefield.

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Your troops automatically advance from left to right towards the enemy. It's your job, therefore, to generate the right type of soldier to crush each wave, and push the opposing army back to its base.

The App Store crowd took a shine to the Chillingo-published Swords & Soldiers back in 2011, and we agreed with them. (We handed it a Silver Award, you see.)

Ninty acolytes may have an added incentive to download Circle Entertainment's port of Swords & Soldiers from the eShop, too, as there's talk of the 3DS version featuring free DLC.

According to a recent Siliconera interview with Circle Entertainment CEO Chris Chau, we can expect to see Swords & Soldiers 3D "in a few months".

iOS version pictured above.

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