Need some Nintendo Switch friends? Share your friend codes here!

But you gotta have frieeeeends

Need some Nintendo Switch friends? Share your friend codes here!

There is nothing quite like playing a good game on Switch - especially more so when you've just acquired the handheld console. But if you want to dive into a cool multiplayer game and none of your friends can join in because they don't have a Nintendo Switch, what could you do? It's simple - find some online Nintendo Switch friend codes and add random players to enjoy with! 

By adding other players to your in-game list of friends, you can all play together, and why not - even get to know each other better. We've created this post to help you find more friends by sharing your Switch friend code. You don't have to, of course - maybe you like being the lone wolf - but just in case you do, check out our instructions below to find out how to find yours. 

What & where is the Switch friend code?

If you're new to the console and are wondering what a friend code is, look no further. This code is the equivalent to your profile ID in pretty much any other game, except it's a unique number that each player gets when creating the Nintendo Account. The code can be used to find more friends, and invite them to join your Switch friends list. 

Additionally, you can also issue a new friend (if you want to make it more difficult for people to add you) but you'll have to wait for 30 days before changing it again. 

What's my Nintendo Switch friend code?

If you're not sure where to find your own code, follow the steps below: 

  • Tap on your profile icon in the top left of the console.
  • Select Profile from the list on the left side.
  • Take a look on the right side of the screen, beneath your user name.

Switch friend codes exchange! 

Now that you're a pro at finding your Nintendo Switch friend code, it's time to add some friends! Share your code with your Pocket Gamer friends below if you'd like to, and wreck faces and test those new friendships in competitive multiplayer...or, y'know, just drop a message to say 'hi'.

You can also add the other players by heading to the Add Friend option (on the profile page) and writing in each username. Be wary though - you can have up to 300 friends only! That might be a big number if you're more of a single-player type of gamer, but if you're all about that multiplayer bonanza, then it might not nearly be enough! 

Thus being said, get to sharing your Switch codes below! There's nothing quite like a bunch of Pocket Gamers gathered together in a match of Mario Kart!

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