Suramon is here to give you your retro slime killing and farming fix!

Out now on Google Play

Suramon is here to give you your retro slime killing and farming fix!
| Suramon
  • Suramon is a new farming and battling RPG, out now!
  • Boasting both farming, slime-slaying and collection features, it's a pretty full package
  • Suramon is out now on Google Play, with numerous additional QoL features.

Recently released, Suramon is a slime-farming and battling RPG in the spirit of many RPG Maker and retro titles of its ilk. Previously hitting Steam back in March, it's now made the jump to mobile and is available, at the moment, via Google Play.

Drawn back to your hometown after the death of your father, you decide to renovate the family farm. But if that sounds a little too familiar, don't worry. Because Suramon mixes it up by adding in a Pokemon-like creature, or rather slime, collection system.

As a Suramon Scout, you're tasked with defeating slime creatures that populate the valley in which you live. Add to your Suradex, continue to manage the farm, and more importantly, find out what exactly is going on with the enigmatic Fuchsia Corp and what they're up to in the valley.

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Suramon boasts the usual gubbins, what with a one-time payment to unlock, a small file size of only 100 MB and the ability to play fully offline. You even get gamepad support too! While it may not stand out by concept alone, it's undeniably a pretty full package.

Gotta' kill 'em all

We're always pleased to see more indie games that we can promote here on the site. And while Suramon may not stand out (RPG Maker fans have probably seen many like this game) it does offer a large number of features and a mix of all the best you've seen in other retro games. And with the number of QoL features included, plus a low cost of entry, it definitely offers value for money if nothing else!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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