Super Mega Worm gets free version for iPhone and iPad

It's turned

Super Mega Worm gets free version for iPhone and iPad
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You can't keep a good worm down and so it is that the Super Mega Worm has gone Free Willy.

Well, at least he's going free in the serpentine form of Super Mega Worm Lite.

I enjoyed playing the full version but in its original state didn't quite think it deserved a Pocket Gamer award.

Since then though, developer Deceased Pixel has been steadily updating and tweaking the content, with the Lite version its current push to optimise the fun, and get more gamers involved.

Worms go free

In the case of the Lite version, compared to the full game - which is only 99c - you get five levels and one special power up ability, but you'll get to experience the main thrust, which is controlling your giant worm and eating the people who walk on the ground above your head.

You can get Super Mega Worm Lite here [iTunes links], or hit the App Store icon for the full version.

Check out the following video for the wacky, old skool gameplay.

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