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Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to the beloved platformer, releases for iOS and Android

Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to the beloved platformer, releases for iOS and Android

Thunderful and Team Meat have just announced the release of their arcade platformer, Meat Boy Forever on Android and iOS. The game follows the story of a heroic couple, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl. Their beloved daughter Nugget has been kidnapped by the nefarious Dr Fetus and the pair will do anything to bring her home safely.

Super Meat Boy games are known for their difficulty and Forever is no different. If offers mobile gamers quite a tough challenge as levels are randomly created, which also makes room for multiple playthroughs. But that’s the fun of it. Now, completing every level will feel like a massive achievement.

Both old and set environments will be seen in the game as players run, jump, and punch their way through in order to find Nugget. Super Boy Forever promises hours of endless enjoyment as players can combine thousands of level chunks the way they see fit. It’s about to be a thrilling ride.

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Describing their new title, Tommy Refenes, the co-founder of Team Meat, said: “Two buttons, hard as hell, bloody, rewarding and a whole bunch of fun - that's Super Meat Boy Forever! Thanks to Thunderful’s help, we've brought the entire game to mobile. No ads, no micro-transactions - it's the full, uncompromised Super Meat Boy Forever experience for just $0.99. We were going to charge per life but we were afraid doing so would tank the global economy.”

Help Meat Boy and Bandage Girl save Nugget by downloading Super Meat Boy Forever now by clicking on your preferred link below. It requires a one-time purchase of $0.99 for complete access and no ads. For all the latest developments, visit their Twitter page and follow the Facebook account to join the rest of the community.

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