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Super Looper is a clever block sliding puzzler that keeps things fresh by adding new ideas as you play.

Essentially you're tying knots, moving loops around the screen with swipes and pinches to create elaborate patterns.

It's a challenging experience, and one that's likely to keep you enthralled for a good few hours. And its free to play system is well designed and fair.

Spin it

The game starts off simply. You slide a few of the tile-based pieces around with swipes, twisting them around with two fingers. Make the required shape and you pass the level.

As you progress you'll find yourself having to deal with move limits, time limits, and star-collecting variations of the main gameplay.

These new additions are added at regular intervals, meaning there's never really a chance for things to get staid.

Everything is put together brilliantly, and there's a pleasant atmosphere that permeates every part of the game. Boosts give you extra moves if you're stuck, and other power-ups let you get rid of the birds that swoop in and steal squares.

There's an energy system in play here, but it's a reasonably generous one. You lose lives if you fail to complete a level, but they regenerate pretty quickly, and if you get stuck there's often a couple of other levels to try before frustration sets in.

Slide it

Super Looper is a wonderfully well polished puzzler. It balances challenge and accessibility pretty well, and its got a bright and breezy aesthetic that's likely to put a smile on your face.

There are a few difficulty spikes here and there, and the core of the gameplay never really changes, but it hits enough right notes to make sure that, while it lasts, you'll be engrossed.

Super Looper

A polished and poised puzzler with some clever ideas, Super Looper isn't perfect, but it doesn't outstay its welcome either
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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