App Army Assemble: Super Fancy Pants Adventure - the fanciest pants of all mobile games?

Oh, so fancy

App Army Assemble: Super Fancy Pants Adventure - the fanciest pants of all mobile games?

Happy Friday, one and all! It's a special sort of week ending this time around as we're dipping our toes into February at last AND we've got two App Army Assembles to chomp on.

Firstly, we gave our AA the chance to get down and dirty with Kongregate's super smooth platformer, Super Fancy Pants Adventure. In the game you've got to dash madly across level after level, leaping from platforms, sliding down hills, and throwing yourself through portals.

It was received very highly on Steam, and we certainly thought it was ace in its review, but what did our team of eager gamers think of it?

Roman Valerio (iPad Air, iOS 11.2.5)

In this free-running platforming adventure you take on a role of a doodley, wild-haired young lad wearing flashy orange pants. This vigorous chappie possesses a plethora of enviable parkour abilities and even gets to learn inkboarding later on (which allows you to surf on the paper-like textured panels).

Obviously there's a story going on: a brutal torrential rain destroyed the whole village and its denizens are now striving for survival. On your way you'll have to eliminate villainous spiders and ninjas either by jumping on them Mario-style or by wielding a mighty pencil.

There are a number of secret rooms where you can collect those highly coveted sea shells. The game runs buttery smooth with only occasional lag on my oldish device. The only gripe is that the control layout could have been a bit fancier, i.e. attack and jump/slide buttons are positioned too close to each other, and sometimes you press the wrong one. Also I didn't like the fact that after you die, or enter a secret room and then return to the main level, all previously slain enemies re-emerge again.

I enjoyed this one a lot and warmly recommend it to all lovers of well-made platformers.

Mike Lisagor

This is a very solid platformer. However, the controls should be customizable - they are too close together and it does interfere with the game. SFPA is beautiful and is a lot of fun with many things to explore. It builds on earlier Fancy Pants games and there is a lot to do and explore, almost too much since it's hard to keep track of everything to explore.

This is a great game that is easy to recommend. It would be nice to see some improvements to the controls and maybe a few less enemies.

Lalol Hernández Gómez

Wow, just wow. I never heard anything about Fancy Pants and its legacy and I was welcomed with what at first sight looked like an intimidating control scheme, but after playing it for an hour those concerns have vanished.

I always love a good platformer on mobile since, in my opinion, it's one of the best genres suited for the platform and Super Fancy Pants Adventure really adds something to the genre exploitation. The best part is that the developer nailed the feel of the game: here you can play for hours and the complexity of movement of the character will kept interesting, enjoyable and fresh. The level design just raise the fun and the feel of freedom wherever you decide to go.

Later on new mechanics will be added to the mix but you would have improved your control over the movements, so those run-slide-jump-hit combos will make you feel like the most bad-ass Stickman ever drawn.

Federico Casavecchia

Wow! That's what I thought after one hour of gameplay. At first I had some bad feeling about controls, confusing left with right and sometimes attack with slides since all buttons are very near, even on iPhone X, but after very few minutes spent adjusting grip on the phone I can confirm that controls aren't an issue anymore.

As for the game itself, it's a really addictive platformer with some enemies around to slice away, but main focus is exploration. It's got a really nice art style and great soundtrack as well (I usually prefer gaming on mobile without sound but I have to make an exception with this one).

If you enjoy platform games like Rayman this is a must have on your device.

Alejandro Romero Urreta (iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.3 beta 1) (iPad 2017, iOS 11.2)

This game was one of my favorites when it first was released on iOS originally. I really enjoyed its originality and the type of platformer it was. It was different to the usual platformers because of the pencil mechanics and being able to draw through the level.

They've revamped it to make it a mechanically intense platformer, but to be honest with you even tho the game is really fun to play the controls are really annoying and it gets you killed because of mis-taps.

If they added MFi support or allowed us more options with controls I think this would be my favorite platformer on iOS and honestly the only one I would be playing. But, as long as I keep failing levels because I can't get used to the controls I'm not going to play any further.

The game is insanely good and fun and fast. It has a lot of different fun mechanics with hidden treasures and levels inside every level.

Paul Manchester (iPhone SE, iOS 11)

Enjoy dying over and over due to sloppy controls? Then this is the game for you. Yes you can eventually grow some what used to the downright awful and un-reactive touch screen buttons, but I am not sure it's really worth the bother.

On my iPhone I had to press on the screen nowhere near the location of the on-screen prompts and with a game with precise platforming sections this just felt like a chore. On the plus side, the animation is smooth and easy on the eyes, but I found the whole thing less than inspiring. If you want to play a platformer buy Rayman, Mario etc... don't waste your time and frustrations on this.

Sandro Guascone (iPhone 8+, iOS 11.3 beta)

I enjoyed this game. I got used to the controls pretty easily and I love the hand drawn graphics. It’s runs smooth, but is a little sparse and backgrounds are quite repetitive. The game is also quite easy, but fun. Music is repetitive and I noticed a bug where speech bubbles get cut off at the top so you can’t read some of the writing. Overall I would give this game 7 out of 10.

Ed Davis (iPhone 7, iOS 11)

This isn't a bad little game. The gameplay feels smooth, the graphics are that of one of the old stick men beat-em-up cartoons so feels right at home with my 90's nostalgia. The controls are pretty simple, but can see them becoming a little fiddly the more you have to precisely control the character.

I'm not sure I get the point of the game, but then again I don't feel there has to be one for such a simple, coffee-break game.

Oksana Ryan (iPad Pro)

I must admit that when I first saw this game I thought I was going to be disappointed. However, it's such a quirky game that I couldn't help but be proved wrong. The graphics are charming and the controls , once mastered, are easy to use, as the pencil wielding hero jumps, slides and battles his way through the levels, choosing direction as you go.

There are plenty of enemies to challenge you and coins to jump and grab. It's a perfect example that you don't need special effects and near-perfect graphics to have a loads of fun.

Quincy Jones (iPhone 8 Plus)

SFPA isn't a bad game, but it takes a bit of time to get used to the controls as they felt a bit loose to me. I was also confused about the levels and where to go sometimes.

It got boring fast and not because of the simple graphics but because of the unforgiving nature of the gameplay. Prepare to die a lot.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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