Vlambeer's Super Crate Box coming to iOS this year

And not a moment too soon

Vlambeer's Super Crate Box coming to iOS this year
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Vlambeer has confirmed that its critically acclaimed retro blaster Super Crate Box will be available on iOS devices by the end of the year.

In its blog, the Dutch developer says the port is taking “longer than expected” because the team is honing the touchscreen control system.

While the blog states that people are able to achieve solidly high scores using the touchscreen, it concedes that the iOS version is “a bit more difficult to get into” than the PC version.

Hard to port

Released as a freeware PC title last year, Super Crate Box quickly gained a loyal following. Praised for its considered weapon set, excellent balancing, and endearing chiptune soundtrack, it went on to receive awards from Gamasutra and Edge.

The game’s popularity was apparently noticed by other developers, with Angry Mob Games’s Muffin Knight bearing a striking resemblance to Super Crate Box’s frantic platform shenanigans.

Vlambeer is bringing Super Crate Box to Apple devices with the help of US indie Halfbot, responsible for recent App Store addition The Block Cometh. Expect to see the fruits of their labours by the end of December.

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