Vlambeer's making a beeline for Ouya with hyperactive shooter Super Crate Box

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Vlambeer's making a beeline for Ouya with hyperactive shooter Super Crate Box
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If you're releasing a new console - or "unconsole" - it appears you must obey the unwritten law stating that somewhere along the line you need to have a port of Vlambeer's hardcore platform shooter Super Crate Box on your new gizmo.

In a blog post over on Vlambeer's official site, the Dutch developer has confirmed that Super Crate Box is heading to Ouya, the Kickstarter-funded Android-powered box that a lot of people are hoping will revolutionise TV gaming.

That's fine by us. The more people who get to play this supremely difficult weapon-swapping shoot-'em-up, the better.

We actually gave the iOS port of this game a Silver Award, and described it as "a stark and challenging indie game shot through with humour and care".

If you've never played Super Crate Box before, let me enlighten you now. You have to stay alive on a single-screen level for as long as possible while dodging streams of enemies and picking up new guns to score points.

It can all get a bit fiddly on a touchscreen, but Ouya's chunky controller should be just the job for keeping you out of harm's way.

We don't have confirmation on a price or release date for Super Crate Box on Ouya yet, but we do know it will be offered as a try-before-you-pay experience.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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