Rolocule smashes Super Badminton 2010 onto the App Store


Rolocule smashes Super Badminton 2010 onto the App Store

Another sport invented by the British and since taken on and finessed by the rest of world, badminton has never been well represented in terms of computer games.

But direct from its birthplace - Pune, India - comes Rolocule Games, which has just released Super Badminton 2010 for iPhone and iPod touch.

Drop and serve

Claiming its engine has the necessary finesse to handle the complex physics involved in modelling the trajectory of a shuttle, and the type of shots players make, Rolocule CEO Rohit Gupta, says, "It pushed us to surpass the quality boundaries of sports games and showcase the visual brilliance of the iPhone."

Using both touch and tilt controls to pull off your shots, Super Badminton 2010 features eight badminton players - each with unique characteristics - and five different courts.

Available modes are Quick Play, Exhibition, which enables you to choose between player, court type and five difficulty levels, and Tournaments. The latter features three tournaments with balanced difficulty similar to real badminton tournaments.

Your aim is to become the ultimate professional, winning as many trophies as possible and displaying them in your cabinet.

Super Badminton 2010 is out now, priced $4.99, €3.99 or £2.99.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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