SUP Multiplayer Racing tips and tricks - Getting ahead and winning races

These SUP tips will keep you in the lead

SUP Multiplayer Racing tips and tricks - Getting ahead and winning races

So you wanna race with the best and win? Well you’ve come to the right place, because in this guide we’re gonna give you all you need to win in SUP Multiplayer Racing.

When playing SUP you want to be aware of your opponents, take risks when you have to, and stay ahead of the pack.

Our tips will get you ahead, but it’s up to you to stay there.

Tactical boost

When using nitro you’ll want to do so wisely, as a few bursts might seem like a good idea, but you’ll have none when you really need it.

If you have speed boosts up ahead you should save your nitro until after you’ve hit them and started to slow. Use them when you’ve taken a hit and started to fall behind instead.

If you have a good supply and there’s a clear stretch of road ahead, or you want to get away from a perilous drop, then feel free to nitro once or twice to clear it, just be mindful.


Getting behind enemies can give you a nice boost to your speed by abusing their slipstream, but crashing into them can give you an undesired effect.

Basically, you’ll want to try and stay a small distance away from their bumper, so no using nitro.

You’ll hear a sound effect and start to speed up after a short period of time, and then can dash into the other lane and overtake.

Getting offensive

There’s no reason to wait for your opponents to overtake you, when you can deliberately take them out of the race.

When you come up to sections with no barriers, changing lanes to shunt into your opponent off the tracks can secure you an easy victory.

Without barriers, disrupting their driving can still help, although there’s a decent chance it can all go wrong for you.

Bigger is better?

When giving enemies a shunt, you might want to watch out for those bigger than you, they’ll just shake it off.

If you get sick of humiliation, you can always work towards a fancy big truck of your own, but you’ll have to keep in mind a potentially disappointing max speed.

When racing, be aware of the size of those around you, it can all go wrong very quickly.

Ante up

If you’re feeling daring, you can bet coins at the beginning of the race that get transferred into precious gems upon your victory.

If you have excess cash, this is a good way to get gems are unlock chests early, quickly upgrade your car, and more.

Keep in mind though that gems are a premium currency. This is a good way to collect them without paying, but make sure you don’t accidentally click through and purchase any without meaning to.