New challenger for Street Fighter IV on iPhone

Ken it be Balrog

New challenger for Street Fighter IV on iPhone

After Cammy comes...?

That’s the question Capcom, maker of the Silver Award winning beat em’ up Street Fighter IV, is teasing us with this morning.

On June 8th the tenth character for the iPhone game will be revealed by the Japanese games giant.

Having included Abel, Blanka, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Guile, Ken, M. Bison, and Ryu in the original roster, Capcom kindly notified us that Cammy would be with us as a free in-app purchase soon.

Though it’s already known that the next challenger will be another freebie download, the identity of the grappler remains a mystery.

If you fancy winning an iPod touch or some swanky limited edition SF IV cases for your Apple handheld for guessing the secret newbie, tweet your answer to #sf4i1006.

In Pocket Gamer Towers, meanwhile, a sweepstake has, of course, broken out. Here are your runners and riders:

Me – Balrog
Mike - Vega
Ben - Seth
Rob - Sagat
Mark - E. Honda
Jon J - Zangief
Will - Gouken
Jon M - Akuma
Keith - C. Viper
Tracy - El Fuerte
Alex - Rufus
Chris - Dan
Joao - Fei Long
Jez - Sakura
Paul - Gen
Reanne - Rose

Check back to see who's won next Tuesday!!