Classic board game adaptation Stone Age: Digital Edition gets release date

Classic board game adaptation Stone Age: Digital Edition gets release date
  • Based on the classic board game, Stone Age: Digital Edition is coming soon
  • The iOS listing indicates March 28th is when you can start your own Stone Age village
  • You'll gather food, resources and slowly work to achieve civilizational epochs

Classic board game Stone Age is set to come to mobile, as the digital version gets a rough release date. According to the iOS listing, the game is set to go live on March 28th. Developer Acram promises to bring something as close to the traditional board-game experience to mobile as possible, while still having all the interactive elements and colourful art we expect from the platform.

Stone Age is, as we just noted, based on a classic board game. Players take control of...well, a Stone Age village as they collect resources, gather food and compete with other villages in order to achieve new levels of civilization. Like many strategy board games, it concentrates on resource and personnel management, and seems perfect for a digital version.

Rolling Stone (Age)
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Check out the trailer above for a look at the gameplay of Stone Age: Digital Edition!

It's interesting to see another traditional board game come to mobile. Sure, we've already had Monopoly Go and Uno! Mobile, but this is what we usually think of nowadays when we think 'board game', which is something akin to Settlers of Catan. Despite being a niche idea - I mean high-octane action it ain't - managing your own Stone Age Tribe does have a pretty primitive appeal, especially with the equally simple delight of watching your settlement and resources grow. So if you're a big fan of board games and want to take one on the go, Stone Age: Digital Edition might be the game for you.

But, if Stone Age: Digital Edition does seem a little too...stone age for you, then why not check out our list of the top 25 best strategy games on Android for something a bit more current? Or if you want to get into another classic, or downright ancient game, you can learn how to play the Japanese version of chess - Shogi - using the intuitive Rune of Ardun.

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