Top tips for Steppy Pants - how to avoid the cracks

Work the pavement

Top tips for Steppy Pants - how to avoid the cracks
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How to play

Steppy Road is all about walking along a path, trying to avoid cracks in the pavement.

Which sounds easy, until you see that you're controlling some lumbering simpleton who can barely move two steps without falling over or doing the splits.

Tapping the screen will move one leg, and then the other - but you'll need to hold the screen for a split second to do an actual stride. Eventually you'll get into the rhythm and will be able to walk forward for some time.

And then you'll face cars, dynamite, and those oh-so deadly pavement cracks. Here are five tips to help you out.

Get into the flow

Agonising over every step will only see you tripping up and tumbling over. Instead, try to build up a nice rhythm and react to the cracks in the pavement as they come.

Double step

Don't forget that you can step on the same slab twice.

If you're too close to the left edge, and lunging out to the next slab will see your groin hitting the floor, then just make a quick step on the same slab to get closer to the right edge.

Back foot forward

It's not all about making sure you don't step on the cracks in front of you. You can also be caught out by the cracks behind you, as you swing your back foot into position.

That means every step needs to be big and bold - no shoe scuffing here please.

Avoid the coffee

The coffee power-up looks tempting, but it can actually be your downfall. Because this frappuccino sends you into overdrive, it can be harder to land each step.

So avoid the caffeine and step over the Starbucks.

Wait for the little green man

Don't get stuck on the crosswalk when a car is coming.

While the cars do slow down to wait for a gap in the traffic, you don't want to be doing the splits on a zebra crossing when the cars get moving. Wait at the side until you are safe to cross.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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