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Stardew Valley: What is Pale Ale and how to make it

Stardew Valley: What is Pale Ale and how to make it

Pale Ale, is a freshly brewed yellow-coloured beer that you might have seen in abundance if you have played Stardew Valley. Wondering what is it used for and how it is made? Well, you’re in the right place as we are going to be talking all about Pale Ale in detail. One of the most profitable Artisan Goods in the game, Pale Ale is in high demand commercially.

What is Pale Ale?

To put it simply, Pale Ale is a form of Artisan Good that is produced from Kegs using Hops. It is the 2nd highest commercially successful Artisan Good, just behind Starfruit which can net you a hefty profit. Pale Ale is also quite easy to make, and a lot less time-consuming to produce compared with other crops. Players can consume Pale Ale to reap its benefits. It provides a Tipsy buff that decreases Speed by 1.

Pale Ale screenshot in Stardew Valley

How to make Pale Ale in Stardew Valley?

Making Pale Ale is actually quite easy and fast, as we mentioned before. You will need the following items:

  • Hops
  • Keg

How to get Hops?

Hops are readily available to be purchased from different stores. The main source is Pierre’s General Store which sells a Hops Starter for 60 Gold. Another popular method is to directly purchase Hops from Jojamart. This action will set you back 60 gold if you have a Jojamart membership, or 75 gold if you do not have a membership. Do note that if you’re to commercially sell the Pale Ale, it’s recommended to get the membership.

The next step is to plant the Hop seeds in a Greenhouse in the Summer or on the Island Farm, disregarding any season of the year. Make sure to not sow the seeds too closely together. Leave some walking space in between the crops. This will also allow you to water them easily without spillage and you can avoid excessive watering of the crop. You can see some Hops sprouting from the crops after the 12th day. Make sure to harvest them only when they are fully grown and not prematurely.

How to get Keg?

First, you must be at Farming Level 8 to learn the recipe for crafting a Keg. So, upgrade your Farming level if you are below Level 8. If you are Level 8 or above, then consider getting the following ingredients to craft a Keg:

  • Wood x 30
  • Copper Bar x 1
  • Iron Bar x 1
  • Oak Resin x 1

One more way to get a Keg directly is to complete the Artisan bundle that is available in the Pantry section. Simply checklist any six items in the Artisan bundle to get a Keg as a reward.

Warehouse of Pale Ale Casks

How to age Pale Ale in Stardew Valley?

Once you have acquired both the Hops and the Keg, the only thing left to do is make some tasty Pale Ale! Simply place the Keg on the ground and walk towards it while holding the Hops. Place the Hops inside the Keg and wait for 1-2 days for the Hops to become Pale Ale.

The next step comes from a profitability standpoint, as an aged Pale Ale generates more revenue compared to a regular Pale Ale. This is true with any alcoholic beverage in Stardew Valley, Pale Ale being no exception. For the ageing process to occur, you will need a new item - a Cask! 

How to get a cask

Now, getting a Cask is a difficult and long task. You will need to upgrade your house to include a nursery. Then talk to Robin who will be waiting at the Carpenter Shop. Ask her to upgrade to Cellar. This upgrade will set you back 100,000 Gold and reward you with 33 Casks. Once you have the Casks ready, simply place your Pale Ale inside them.

Ageing Pale Ale

Now, ageing comes in 3 different levels, with each level making it more expensive to sell in the market. The catch is that with each level, you will need to be more patient. Here are the levels and the time required to reach them:

  • Base to Silver (9 days)
  • Base to Gold (17 days)
  • Base to Iridium (34 days)

It’s very lucrative to keep ageing your Pale Ale to the Iridium level as it can fetch you almost double the price of the Standard Pale Ale.

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