The galaxy will be your plaything in turn-based space RPG Starborn Wanderers

Game Insight prepares to go galactic

The galaxy will be your plaything in turn-based space RPG Starborn Wanderers
| Starborn Wanderers

Russian publisher Game Insight is well known for its casual titles such as My Country and Mystery Manor.

With newly announced game Starborn Wanderers, it's looking to do something more midcore, however.

A turn-based space RPG taking inspiration from the likes of Elite or Privateer, it's a single-player free-to-play experience.

You create your character, buy your first ship and then head into the galaxies to trade, mine, and fight your way to success.

Flexibility is provided as you can work your way through the missions or just free-roam.

Big in the hanger

Of course, different ships will be required for different missions and there will be plenty of customisation options in terms of the equipment, hardpoints and weaponry you select.

Being free-to-play, you'll be able to buy single use items such as shield for additional defence, as well as fuel to speed your travel.

Your character's attributes in terms of their pyro, tele or electro-kinesis skills will also provide useful as you level them up.

Currently just announced for iPad, but expected for other devices too, Starborn Wanderers is due for release later in 2013.

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