Starbeard cheats, tips - Beginner tips for mastering Starbeard

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Starbeard cheats, tips - Beginner tips for mastering Starbeard

Clear through Starbeard's stages in style

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There is no shortage of the traditional match-three style puzzle games available on Android and iOS, which is why we always smile whenever we see a fresh new take on the genre which changes things up.

Starbeard is one of those games that takes a formula we're all familiar with but takes it in a brand new direction. In this game, yes, you'll be matching three colored icons together to smash them to pieces, but you will also be using strategy to defeat monsters, open up paths, collect coins, and even defeat boss monsters.

There's so much more variety here than in your traditional match-three games, and it can keep you glued in for hours, as long as you're good. If you're not so good, well, the game gets pretty difficult, pretty fast.

But that's exactly why we have these tips for you to carry you through the easy sections of the game. Hammer these techniques into your mind and you'll find yourself clearing through the game much more quickly.

Match three strategy

So there's more strategy to this game than what you might be used to. Your primary goal might just be to clear out the icons, but it could also involve defeating enemies and bosses, which makes things more complicated.

While all that's happening, you will also have to deal with the fact that more gems will appear each turn, and you can't allow the icons to reach the bottom of the screen, lest you lose health.

On top of all that, you will only be able to move icons from the bottom row in any given column, meaning the icons are stacked, and moving them around isn't quite as flexible as it first seems. Luckily, your character does have special abilities that can be used to move things around, and make things a bit easier.

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Your character has necessary abilities, and the basic ones are being able to shove enemies or icons, and flip them with whatever is behind them. This can help you push icons or enemies into nifty positions to clear through them.

You will also be able to pick your own extra abilities in time, like clearing all icons of a certain type on your row. More important though are the offensive abilities, which will do damage to enemies. Attacking all surrounding spaces and attacking a single space are the basics.

Use this to tear through enemies primarily, but you can use them to get rid of icons if needed. You will need to clear icons of a certain type multiple times to use each ability.

Enemy tactics

The enemies will often stand still, but soon you'll come across creatures with more health, that move around, and eventually even bosses.

Luckily, enemies can also be killed if you line them all up, just like standard icons. Though since you can't move them directly, you'll have to rely on their movement and your pushing skills to get them where you need.

You will usually just be using your abilities to do damage and kill them directly, though.

Big bosses

The big bosses stand right at the top of the stage and prevent you from moving. No matching tricks can get through them though, you can only do damage in the traditional way.

This hones all of the skills you'll have gained so far. You will need to keep the icons low so they don't impact your health, and get close to do damage with your abilities, while remaining aware of enemies.

And then bosses usually add extras the stages, like unique icons which just get in the way and don't reward you for clearing.

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