Star Wars: Commander Worlds in Conflict update brings all the planets to the yard

Clash of Hans

Star Wars: Commander Worlds in Conflict update brings all the planets to the yard

Management strategy game Star Wars: Commander is set to get a super shiny lick of paint with the release of the Worlds in Conflict expansion.

It marks the largest update since the game launched last year and adds a much-requested new feature - the ability to visit distant worlds... And destroy them.

Toto, we’re not on Tatooine any more – the expansion isn't called "worlds in rainbow-cake-making-harmony" for a reason.

Alongside a brand new design and Galactic Map, Star Wars: Commander now lets you battle across five iconic planets from the Star Wars universe including Tatooine: Hoth, Yavin IV, Dandoran and Er’kit.

"Each planet will have its own leaderboard," Disney producer Eric Matsumura tells us "and crucially, we’re not unlocking the planets in a certain order. The choice thing is a big deal here, and players can choose which planet they go to."

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The Clash of Hans-style gameplay has been beefed up with a new Galaxy Map that provides tactical intel on each planet, allowing you to make informed choices on which planet to wage war on.

Once you choose your planet, you can compete in PVP tournament-style planetary conflicts between the worlds. With a choice of two factions, Empire or Rebel, victory bonuses will be scored for whichever side wins.

"Choice is one of our big things" finishes Matsumura. "You choose whether to be on the empire side or the rebel side, you can choose which planet your based on, you can choose which story to follow across the galaxy."

We weren't that impressed with Star Wars: Commander when it came out, but maybe The World in Conflict update, which rolls out today on iOS and Android, can address some of our concerns.