Nintendo unveils Star Fox DS – first screens

Up to four can play over the DS's Wi-Fi Connection

Nintendo unveils Star Fox DS – first screens

Nintendo has revealed a new DS version of one of its best-loved franchises: Star Fox. The game is due out in the US in August.

The long-running science fiction space shooter that stars a space-faring fox will be fully 3D in its latest DS incarnation, with players able to navigate a branching storyline of missions, as well as space in their Arwing fighter.

Star Fox DS promises a strategic element too, thanks to the commander's eye view of the mission. Using the touch screen, you'll draw the route you and your multiplayer teammates should take, then battle your way across the map on the top-screen.

Talking of multiplayer, there will be support for eight players over a local wireless connection and up to four across the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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