Gameloft reveals iPhone space shooter Star Battalion

In a galaxy far far away

Gameloft reveals iPhone space shooter Star Battalion
| Star Battalion

In its latest video podcast, Gameloft has revealed a new adventure coming to iOS devices soon.

Inspired by the likes of Star Wars, Galaxy on Fire, and Star Fox, Star Battalion is a 3D space shooter where you take to the cockpits of several different fighter ships and fend off an evil dictatorship.

Star Battalion has you flying about icy tundras and giant space stations, firing rockets at giant walkers, and going toe to toe with other ships in interstellar dogfights.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spiffy new iPhone 4 orfourth generation touch, the built in gyroscope will give you an extra level of sensitivity when maneuvering your fighter. The game also features two player co-op fun, both locally (via wi-fi and Bluetooth) and online.

The game will be available for iPhone and iPod touch later this year.