Stand O'Food goes live on PSP Minis, already playable on PlayStation 3

Time management game is in your pocket and your living room

Stand O'Food goes live on PSP Minis, already playable on PlayStation 3
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You might recall the news here on Pocket Gamer about PSP Minis being playable on the PlayStation 3 once the super-console's 3.15 firmware update goes live?

Well, it seems the migration from budget range PSP games to mega-budget range PS3 games is already working, as G5 Entertainment's brand nee Minis game Stand O'Food is out now on the PlayStation Store and is already playable on the PS3.

"Stand O’Food PSP Minis is one of two games that are playable on PS3, if you have latest 3.15 firmware which is already available to download," G5's Vlad Suglobov tells us.

"You now have the opportunity to run Stand O’Food on PS3 and see how the emulator works. It actually works fantastic – I spent two hours yesterday playing Stand O’Food PSP on the large screen, and it’s now public!"

The game was previously a PC and iPhone hit, and although it might be slightly ahead of schedule, it's great to see this restaurant-based time management game roll out onto two new platforms today, instead of just one.

Buying Stand O'Food from the PlayStation Store for £3.99 gets you the game for both your PSP and your PS3, so check out the video below then go get your unified PlayStation game on.

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