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How to unlock all characters in Squad Busters

How to unlock all characters in Squad Busters

There are three distinct ways to unlock characters in Squad Busters, and this guide will cover each one. Of course, if you find another way to do this, please enlighten us and the rest of the community by leaving a comment below.

Pay up

The first way to get characters is to pay up, get the Battle Pass, and just unlock different packs in the game, so we'll not cover that in detail since it's pretty self-explanatory. It's the easiest and most costly way to do it, however.

Unlocking characters through Squad Journey

Unlocking characters through Squad Journey and chests

The second and third ways are more interesting, although they take much more time. However, where's the fun in unlocking every character right away? Focus on Squad Journey and spend money to unlock 3 chests for 6000 coins. Don't use other options, you'll waste coins, as I did before I learned this method.

Treasure chest in Squad Busters

Those reward chests have a chance to give you a character that you haven't unlocked. Do this until you've unlocked all of the common characters in the game. After completing the third World in Squad Journey, you should consider different tactics.

Instead, you should save up coins to get to 100-120 000 coins and claim the one that you were missing. I mean, you could continue with chests, but it's easier not to gamble if you're close to unlocking each one. Don't waste too many coins trying the winning streaks, this is more important at first.

Don't connect your Supercell ID right from the start

You'll notice that the Archer Queen is locked, with a symbol bearing the letters ID. All you need to do is connect your Supercell ID in the game by going to your account and linking it. However, you should not do this until you've unlocked the Barbarian King.

So, until you've unlocked your first Epic Chest, do not connect the ID, otherwise, you'll be able to get Archer Queen or Witch from it. This will prevent you from getting the Barbarian King early on, and we know how important he is.

Unlocking a Medic character in Squad Busters

Why is it important to unlock every character?

Well, two reasons. First, it enables you to create any squad combination that pops into your head. Different squads suit different worlds as there's no one-wins-all tactic here. 

Second, you'll learn a thing or two while playing those characters, so you'll learn to assess the enemy team and think whether they are worth engaging or not. Remember Sun Tzu's wise words: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

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